Manorcroft Nursery Egham

Manorcroft Nursery Preschool in Egham, Surrey

Manorcroft Nursery Egham is a preschool for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years, rated as 'OUTSTANDING' by Ofsted in Personal Development, Behavour and Welfare.

It is set in the grounds of Manorcroft School but is not a part of it. The Egham nursery is a registered charity and therefore non-profit making, enabling us to keep fees to a minimum.

Normal opening times:

Monday to Friday from 08.30 am until 3.30 pm.

Each day is made up as follows :

•  Morning session from 08.30 to 11.30

•  Lunch club from 11.30 to 12.30 (children bring their own lunch)

•  Afternoon session from 12.30 to 3.30

Parents can choose which days their children attend and children can attend from just one session to the whole day (subject to availability). See Sessions page for more detail.

Registering with us is easy, just email us at with your child's name and birth date. We will let you know if there is a waiting list for this age group, and details such as the grant you are entitled to or fees if any.

Manorcroft Nursery Egham Nursery Egham Front Garden


The nursery is open and is working normally following Covid guidelines. If you are interested in reserving a place for your child we can be contacted at and will get back to you as soon as possible.


Nursery Layout During Covid-19 Precautions


We are fortunate to have a team of qualified, dedicated and experienced staff, who have all worked together for many years. We aim to foster strong links with parents and keep them informed about their child's progress regularly. Parents are welcome to talk to staff at any time. Parents are also very welcome to help at nursery sessions - it is a fun way to see how your child is progressing and meet their friends.

Our most recent Ofsted inspection was rated 'GOOD' with 'OUTSTANDING' in Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare. Here is a summary of their findings -

The leadership team inspires staff who are dedicated to the welfare of all children in their care. Children form very strong attachments to their key person and this helps them to quickly become emotionally secure.

Staff provide an exciting range of resources and activities that encourage children to explore and investigate the world around them. They fully support children's individual interests and help them to become inquisitive and active learners.

Children behave exceptionally well. Staff are outstanding role models who provide consistent expectations of appropriate behaviour and boundaries. As such, children have a very good understanding of what adults expect of them.

The leadership team values strong partnerships with parents and other professionals. Together this shared approach helps them to carefully plan for children's learning and has a very positive effect on those children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

All children develop well from their starting points, with some children exceeding their typical levels of development.

We are proud of the high ratio of adults to children in our group. This ensures individual attention to the needs and development of each child.

The following quotation is just one example from our book of parents' comments and thank you's which you can view either at the nursery or on our Testimonials page:

"I am so pleased we sent our two children to Manorcroft Nursery, we couldn't have wished for a better start to their education. I really do think you guys create an incredibly special environment for our little ones and I can't thank you enough for that. I can only hope that their next school are able to follow in your footsteps and give them an equally wonderful three years." - Parent

Children's Learning Journeys

On 9th September 2020 we went ‘live’ with ‘Famly’ using their electronic Learning Journeys. The Nursery team are enjoying using this new online system to create their key-children’s Learning Journeys and are able to share photographs and observations with their parents. Parents are able to ‘like’ and comment on observations and are able to write their own observations from home.

We are delighted that parents are contributing to their child’s Learning Journeys and that we are able to share photos of ‘moments’ of their child’s day at nursery quickly and safely.

We have had some great feedback from a number of parents including the two testimonials below:-

"Hi Sharon,
I would just like to say how great the ‘family’ app is. It is so lovely to really see what Poppy is getting up to and playing and interacting with the other children too. It works really well being able to write feed back ourselves. It’s a great way of keeping track of her nursery journey." - Laura

"Dear Sharon,
The recent addition of the Famly app has been a bonus to Manorcroft Nursery, which is already a wonderful place with a team of extremely dedicated and experienced people.Now, we get to see daily photos and videos of what our little ones are doing, and can read specific observations made by the team, directly on our phones in a very user-friendly and simple interface. We can also add our own comments and communicate with the nursery. As a parent, this makes me feel much closer and appreciative of the nursery setting, as well as my child’s continuing development there.I have used similar child activity-tracking apps in the past and can say without a doubt that Famly is by far the nicest to use!" - Natalie

Grant Entitlement:

Between the ages of 2 and 3 your child may be entitled to 15 hours (5 sessions) free per week subject to financial criteria or automatically funded criteria. This is called FEET funding. After age 3 your child is entitled to 15 hours free per week or 30 hours free if both parents each work at least 16 hours per week (or just 16 hours per week for a single parent).

The Magical Garden

 The Magical Garden

Manorcroft Nursery preschool was opened in September 1980 and has become an established part of the community. The nursery is unique in Egham, at least, in that it is owned by the parents of the children currently attending it. When those children move onto the 'Big School' the next set of parents will own the nursery and so on. This is a philosophy that we believe helps parents and children feel more a part of the school. From our early beginning this has always been the case, look at the Our Beginning  page to see this in action.

Monthly Newsletter

The nursery provides a half termly newsletter which is kindly produced by one of our parents. To view the latest one please click on the link below.

View July 2021 Newsletter here