Manorcroft Nursery Egham


(taken from the book of parents’ comments and thank you’s kept at nursery)

“Kehlani has loved attending Manorcroft Nursery, she has learnt and grown so much throughout her time with you all, thanks to the wonderful staff, she will take away so many happy memories. ” — Parent

“Thank you all so much for all the wonderful arts and crafts that came home with Michael yesterday and the lovely Christmas book gift – he loved opening it and reading it together. It was so great to come into the nursery for the Christmas show yesterday too and see all the hard work everyone had put into a lovely performance – the tea, coffee and mince ies served by the fundraising team were also a fabulous addition and kept us warm whilst we were waiting outside!

We love being part of Manorcroft Nursery and are so happy with how Michael is getting on. Thank you for all your hard work in making it such a special place for our children. ” — Parent

“I just wanted to say a huge Thankyou to you all for making Louie's first year at nursery a great one. He has come on so much since starting with you and overcome a lot of personal developments. He is now super excited to be coming into nursery rather than hanging off our leg screaming and has even managed to do a full term with his cloth bag comforter left behind in the car. Both of which are huge milestones in a 3 year olds world.

We have noticed positive changes in his behaviour towards other children and his ability to care and share has improved tenfold We now hear all about his day and the other children by name including some special friends. He thoroughly enjoyed showing us the photo year book and pointing out everyone to us including his special coat peg.

I hope that you all have an amazing summer and well earned break and we look forward to seeing you all next year for the next chapter of Louie's journey with you. ” — Sammie (parent)

“Thank you all again so much for the fantastic year Charlie has had with you all. I can't express enough that the level of care, attention and education is leaps and bounds ahead of his previous nursery.” —Niki (parent)

“Manorcroft nursery has been my first ever learning journey, full of love, care and kindness where you have helped me throughout in and enjoying the world of education.
Thank you is just not enough at all to express your hard work and efforts.
Thank you every so much for being my first group of teachers which cannot be forgetful. ” — love Mohammed (child)

“Thank you for all your love, care and kindness in helping Hector to enjoy and learn at nursery. He has come a long way in 2 years. Thank you for all your hard work, it's very much appreciated!

love Ewan and Emma (parents) and Hector (child)

“Thank you all for the wonderful care you have given Sofia over the pase year and a half, she truly has loved her time at nursery ” — Lizz and Dan (parents) and Sofia (child)

“We really don't want to leave and we will miss you all. Thank you so much for everything each and every one of you have done.” —Eleni-May (child) and Carla (parent)

“Thank you so much for providing Maddy with a loving and nurturing environment this year. What you do is amazing. I could not have found a better place for her to have been. We are honoured to have been a part of the Manorcroft family and are so sad to be leaving” — Maddy (child) and family

“Thank you so much for all your hard work this year - Kitt has loved it! He's going to miss coming to nursery over the summer! It's always so nice to know he is so happy there - which is such a credit to you all. Have a lovely, relaxing summer.” —Emily and Tom (parents)

“Thank you all so much for all you've done for Oakley this past year. He's always so excited to come to nursery, and it's so lovely to see him so happy and settled. Thank you for all your care, support and guidance, and all your wonderful creativity in the children's many activities. Hope you all have a well deserved lovely break this summer and look forward to seeing you all again in September.” — Lucy and Nathan (parents) Oakley and Finn (children)

“Thank you for making Henry's time at nursery so special and for looking after him. We will miss you all.” — Henry (child) and Kayleigh (parent)

“We really can't thank you all enough for caring for and introducing Ted to the world of education. He hasn't once said he doesn't want to go to nursery in two years and his confidence has grown so much.
We love the community feel of the nursery and we, like Ted, have met lots of lovely new people. You are all wonderful and Eden can't wait to join you.” —Ted (child) Natalia and Kiernan (parents)

“Manorcroft nursery school has a wonderful welcoming atmosphere and the staff ensure each child is made to feel special and encouraged through their learning and play sessions. There is a great sense of teamwork between staff and parents to ensure each child can thrive in a safe and fun environment. Highly recommended!” — Parent

“This is really just to say a huge thank you to you and your wonderful team for yet another great year. I still can’t believe those 3 years of coming to nursery have passed and that we won’t be coming back. I will miss it so much, not to mention Annie who is still talking about you all continuously. I don’t think either of our children could have been happier with you, or gained any more benefit from coming than they did, especially Annie, having had the full two years. We feel so lucky that they had such an amazing start to their education and were so happy and well cared for. I don’t think we really did justice to how I feel when I said a few words at the end of term, because I was so emotional! But I think you are all truly amazing – how you know each individual child so well, give them all so much attention, patience and kindness at the same time as teaching them so much and finding the time to record it all as well! I love the children’s learning journeys and will keep those as a great memory of their time with you.” —Parent.

“Thank you so much for giving Amy a wonderful start to nursery this term. I know she takes up a lot of ‘teacher attention’ and is quite demanding, and although she is still having her little cry when she comes in, I have noticed how much happier and more settled she is compared to the first half term. She talks so much about what fun she has with you, and I know she loves it, so thank you all very much for your hard work - it is much appreciated!” — Parent

“Just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ to all the nursery staff for a great nativity! I know it was a lot of hard work and it’s very much appreciated by all the proud parents and grandparents! They all did really well!” — Parent

“Ladies, it has been great to know that our two children have had wonderful teachers like you. Thank you for your dedication and love. Thank you for nurturing their future. With lots of appreciation from Parents”

“To all Manorcroft Nursery Staff – thank you for some great years. We will never forget our journey that you all made so memorable. Love and big kisses to each and everyone of you.” — Four Children

“Dear teachers, it’s been an absolutely fantastic time for Anthea at nursery. We could remember that Anthea used to become emotional during her very first days to come to nursery … time has gone and very soon the days have come when Anthea wakes up with a smile on her face and ask ‘Mummy, do I have nursery today? Wow, hurray, I enjoy my nursery.’ Dear teachers, she’s going to miss you all and same with all of us here at her home. Thank you loads in getting her ready to the ‘big school’. Best of luck for you all.” — Parents and grandparents.

“Thank you so very much for making Patsy’s first school experience such a fun and happy time. We will never forget the help, hugs and giggles we have shared over the last two years, and will always look back at our time with you with fondest of memories.” — Parent

“Thank you so much for a wonderful 18 months at nursery. I have had a wonderful time, learned so many things and made some fantastic friends. I will miss you all and would love to have you over to play in our new home if you are passing through Kent at any time.” —Child.

“I’m so pleased we sent our two children to Manorcroft Nursery, we couldn’t have wished for a better start to their education. I really do think you guys create an incredibly special environment for our little ones and I can’t thank you enough for that. I can only hope that their next school are able to follow in your footsteps and give them an equally wonderful three years.” — Parent

“Thank you all so much for all you have done to help Oakley settle in so well at nursery. It's been so wonderful to see him move on from his very teary, unsure early days to now getting so excited when he knows he's going to nursery! Oakley talks about his time at nursery so positively and has always clearly had a great time after his sessions. Thank you all for your time, patience and creativity.” — Parents

“Thank you for providing such a safe, warm, friendly and loving environment. Manorcroft Nursery has been such a huge part of Elizabeth's life (and Christopher's when he attended). I thank you all from the bottome of my heart for being such an amazing group of teachers.

You know when you walk into a building and you can sense instantly if it is loved. You can feel a positive energy and know that the place is very special. That's how I remember feeling when I first visited with Christopher. Feeling in my heart that I could leave my little gems entrusted in your care meant so much to Simon and I. I have always found it hard to leave Christopher and Elizabeth with anyone other than family, so it is calming to know that Elizabeth is comfortable and happy when I drop her off. She is almost part of the furniture now!

Simon and I feel very lucky that our children had the privelege of attending such a lovely little nursery. Elizabeth absolutely adores you all. She talks fondly to anyone who'd listen about her friends, about you all and the fun activities she gets up to, which I think speaks volumes.” — Parents

“There are not enough superlatives to describe just how amazing we think you all are! All a parent wants is the best for their children and that is exactly what we got by sending our 3 children to Manorcroft Nursery. They have had a better start to their educational years than we could have ever dreamed possible. We will miss you all very much but will look back with such fond memories!” — Parents

“We are so grateful for the last 2 years of hard work and care you have put in to Thea's time at nursery. We were always a bit nervous about putting Thea into anyone else's care, but from day one at Manorcroft we have never had to worry or feel concerned as we have felt she is in the safest of hands.

She has come on so much through her time at nursery - she comes every day telling us all the fun things she has enjoyed doing.

We are so pleased with her progress and know that it is down to you all. She is so lucky to have been to such a special nursery with such wonderful teachers! Thank you so much for everything.” — Parents

“Thank you all for your hard work with Sofia this term. We are so grateful that she gets to spend her time at such a lovely nursery. ” — Parents

“Sincere thanks for everything you have done for Alistair over the past couple of years. We know he has had the best start to his education. It has been lovely to watch him grow and develop as a result of being in such a caring, nurturing environment.

Our eyes have been opened to the sheer breadth of all you do, and though we wonder how on earth you manage to juggle so many balls so tirelessly, we are grateful that you do!.” — Parents

“A big thank you to you all for all your hard work and dedication.

Felicity has loved attending nursery and that is, in the main, down to you all making her feel safe, secure and happy there.

It has been wonderful to watch her develop over the last 2 years into a little girl who doesn't just want to play with the teachers, to one that makes up games with other children.

Knowing Felicity and her astonishing memory I have no doubt that she will remember with fondness some of her days at Manorcroft Nursery. Thank you for her learning journey - a precious item for us.” — Parents

“Our boy Charlie has just started at Manorcroft Nursery and we are so pleased already with the way things are run. We have left a private nursery recently and the difference in how you communicate with parents, and involve parents, is amazing. We are so thrilled to have moved Charlie to Manorcroft. .” — Parents